Flatliners - DOA (Dead on Arrival) - 1.5 stars

The Only Living Boy in New York - A different perspective on New York City - 3 stars

Are there any good films coming out this year? RRs / Reel Dialogue's top 10 list of films coming later in 2017

Battle of the Sexes - It has a strong serve but it becomes a double fault - 2.5 stars

The Big Picture: Lego Ninjago, Battle of the Sexes and Atypical and Russ' Top Five Ultimate Showdowns

American Made - The unbelievable story of Barry Seal and the history behind the war on drugs - 3 stars

The LEGO Ninjago Movie - A LEGO film that is by the numbers and only for Ninjago fans - 2 stars

Brigsby Bear - A quirky and imaginative adventure for a boy and his bear - 3 stars