RR's Date Night Challenge - Rom-coms your bloke will not be embarrassed to watch + best married couples in film

Russelling Reviews has been challenged to put together a Top Rom-Coms list

We are refreshing a list from a few years back called Rom-Coms That Blokes Might Like. 

It is date night. Before picking a film, think of the one you love. Here are a few tips:
  1. Boyfriend or girlfriend? Don't choose a film that you would normally only take your girlfriends to see on girls night out. Men should not have to sacrifice their masculinity for the sake of a night out with the woman they love! Ladies you need to decide something: For a movie night, is it with the girls or your special guy?
  2. Do not pull out The Notebook, a Jane Austin inspired film (Psstt... this classic author never got married!) or Love Actually and think that your boyfriend or husband will enjoy the evening. 
  1. Bruce Willis is not romantic! He may be in person, but not on the big screen. Don't choose the latest action adventure and think it is going to make for a romantic night.
  2. Maybe read up a bit on the film before taking her out: Hell or High Water , Rogue One : A Star Wars Story and Hacksaw Ridge are great films, but not great choices for a romantic night out on the town.
  3. Splash a little cash before hand: Take her out to a nice meal and then the film, most films become even more romantic when proceeded by a nice meal. (McDonalds and KFC do not count!)
Enter into the infamous rom-com considerations in this modern era. The choices for rom-coms tend to be more saucy romance than engaging comedy. Most rom-coms are written for the overly sexed up Gen-Y'ers who do not know what real romance means. 

How about finding a film that meets couples in the middle? 
Romance + Comedy = Great Date Night

Here is a short list of films you can both enjoy. The list is not in any real order, just a list for consideration. 

Due to the date night theme, many of these films are for mature audiences. 
  1. La La Land
  2. Hitch 
  3. As Good As It Gets
  4. Silver Linings Playbook
  5. Sweet Home Alabama
  6. Groundhog Day (I know, Rom-Com? Get over it, Bill Murray made the list)
  7. When Harry Met Sally (Classic lines, adult themes)
  8. Roman Holiday (We needed a classic, Hepburn/Peck... perfect!)
  9. The Age of Adaline 
  10. Roxanne (The lines are brilliant, even though film is a bit dated)
  11. Notting Hill (Some blokes might groan, but it is good - The only Julia Roberts nod)
  12. Kate & Leopold (Rarely seen, but good stuff)
  13. Midnight in Paris (Surprise to make the list, but it is good)
  14. Amelie (Yes, it is French and there are sub-titles, but this film is excellent)
  15. Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail (The Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan choices)
  16. The Princess Bride (It is hard not adding this to the list... As you wish)
  17. The Proposal
  18. Jerry Maguire (Is it a rom-com? Borderline... You had me at hello)
subcategory: Great movies that depict great married couples
  1. The Family Man
  2. Julie & Julia
  3. About Time (A bit saucy for this list, but a good film non-the-less)
  4. Date Night
  5. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (The original only!)
  6. Shadowlands 
  7. Up! (The first five minutes of this film make this one of the best depictions of marriage in film)
Enjoy your date night, thank us later!

Do you have a film you would like to add? Go for it, send us your recommendations. 

Recommendations by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews