Russelling Reviews on The Big Picture - Now You See Me 2, Money Monster and the top 5 films about money troubles

The Big Picture: 
Magic & The Nice Guys... not us, but the film review + more
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City Bible Forum and Russelling Reviews own Russ Matthews had the privilege of joining Ben McEachen for the week.

What is on this episode of the Big Picture?
Ben is joined this week by guest host Russell Matthews, who slides into the hot seat while Mark Hadley takes a writing sabbatical to finish his latest novel. 

Ben looks Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling's The Nice Guys, and discusses whether this adults-only romp offers anything more than controversial . Julia Roberts and George Clooney team up in Jodie Foster’s thriller Money Monster, reminding us of important financial advice given by God a long time ago. 

Magic sequel Now You See Me 2 has Harry Potter joining its ranks - but does it pull another rabbit out of its hat, like the surprisingly good original? In Press Record, Ben speaks with an actual, real-life magician - Peter Wood brings us magic from a Christian perspective

PLUS: The rise of Emoticons and Russ's Top 5 Money Trouble movies. 

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The Big Picture is a Christian insight into the galaxy of film, television and popular culture. Magazine editor Ben McEachen and scriptwriter Mark Hadley want to talk to whoever will listen about what we watch and consume - from the perspective of Christian truth, beliefs and teachings.

Their aim is simple: to help people live wholeheartedly for Jesus, in all areas of their lives. Including, you know, the latest TV series you are binging on. Because no matter what you are viewing and what messages it broadcasts, "the big picture" remains the same - God is the director of the universe; His Son Jesus is Lord over all; and the meaning of life is anchored in the generous, saving grace he offers to us all.

 Mark Hadley has been writing professionally for more than 20 years. He has been a journalist for most of that time, employed by a range of prominent radio, television and web publications including the ABC. He also has scripted and produced television series and documentaries all over the world for the Seven, Nine and Ten Networks, as well as prominent Christian organisations. In addition, Mark has been reviewing films, television.

Ben McEachen is a professional film reviewer. Seriously. That's a real, paying job. And he's even been at it for more than a decade. Yowzer. He has been editor at Empire magazine, film editor at The Advertiser, lead critic for several News Ltd Sunday papers and a regular fixture on 2GB, ABC and Showtime. Ben also contributes Christian-flavoured film reviews to Eternity newspaper, Hope 103.2 FM, War Cry and Insights magazines. 

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