Kids Korner: Snoopy & Charlie Brown in the Peanuts Movie (US: The Peanuts Movie) - A nostalgic turn with some familiar friends - 3.5 stars

Kid's Korner rating: 3.5 stars*
Pre-teen rating: 4 stars
Young adult rating: 3 stars
Parent's Rating: 3.5 stars 

Popcorn, M&Ms, and a large drink... 
Roll the film...
Can this film connect with multiple generations and capture the imagination of Charles Schulz? 

       For multiple generations, the Peanuts gang is synonymous with the morning comic section of the newspaper and the regular television special at Halloween and Christmas. Charlie Brown and Snoopy represent a less complicated life of trying to fit in and relying on the loyalty of friends. The legendary cartoonist, Charles Schulz gave a voice to generations of people who felt marginalised and he provided hope through the simple messages of this young bald-headed boy and his beagle. Since Schulz's death in 2000, his legend lives on through his comic strip and DVDs that include his legendary cast of characters.
       Over a decade after his death, the Schulz family allowed Charlie Brown and the gang to come to the big screen. Director Steve Martino was able to capture the essence of Schulz's visionary style in Snoopy's bunch. The modern animation provides a fresh perspective to this familiar storyline without diminishing the look and feel of the beloved comic strip. The only knock on this rendition of Peanuts would be be that the simplicity may seem sluggish to a modern audience, but even with the slower pace, this cartoon journey will satisfy young and old alike.
        The story brings back many of the classic campaigns of the comic strip. The battle Charlie Brown has with the kite eating tree, his seeking psychiatric advice from Lucy and the ever present crush that Charlie has on the little-red-headed girl, and Snoopy's infamous duals with the Red Baron. Steve Martino tells this version through parallel love stories of Charlie Brown striving to gain the attention of the young red head and Snoopy's attempt to save his imagined loved and damsel in distress, Fifi, from the clutches of the villainous German aviator. If it all sounds familiar, it is and there is nothing ground breaking, but the nostalgic tone will provide the satisfaction for most Snoopy fans. 
        For the generations that are familiar with the vintage Peanuts archetypes, this will provide a sentimental balm to the soul. It is conventional,  but it shows the values of a simpler era has continued to carry these characters along for decades. For the generations that are not as accustomed with Snoopy and company, it will provide the laughs and entertainment needed for parents who are looking for a fun and safe option for their young children during this season at the cinema. The tale is one that will provide the needed life lessons through the humour, heart-felt messages and endearing characters. 
Dad asked the question on the ride home, 'What did we think of the film?' 
Pre-teen: I liked the film, but did not understand some of the characters. Overall, I think it was made for children under 10 years of age. Good movie!
Young adult: It was okay, but it was obviously made for younger kids. You will have to explain some of the in-jokes to me sometime. 
Overall: A good film with good animation that is perfect for children under 10 years of age. 

Reel Dialogue: What are the bigger questions to consider from this film? 
1. What does the Bible say about confidence? (2 Timothy 1:7, Hebrews 13:6)
2. Why are friends important? (Proverbs 18:24, John 15:13)

Trailer for the film

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