Russelling Reviews: Top 8 for the top half of 2015

Russelling Reviews: 
Top 8 of the first half of 2015

I was talking with a friend about the year in the films. They were saying that I had not given out too many high ratings this year. There have been box office records set with Furious 7 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but overall the year has been slim pickings for quality cinema. I am hoping that the second half of the year provides more cinematic joy. 

There have been a few gems in 2015. Check out the reviews, give the films a look and tell me what you think. What were your favourites, so far, in 2015?

1. Mad Max : Fury Road
2. The Avengers : Age of Ultron
3. Cinderella
4. The Age of Adaline
5. Ex-machina
6. Paper Planes
7. Man Up
8. Shaun the Sheep Movie

Hold overs from 2014 that were not screened until 2015 in Australia.
1. American Sniper
2. Foxcatcher
3. The Water Diviner
4. Paddington

Reel Dialogue: Asking the bigger questions
1. What makes a film appealing? 
2. What are your thoughts on the top 8? 

You might have others to add to the list. You might like to add some to the list, send them my way.

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