Director's Focus - Cameron Crowe -The writer of unforgettable dialogue

I am impossible to forget, but I am hard to remember.
Claire, Elizabethtown

Director's Focus: Cameron Crowe

What is it about a film maker that causes you to connect with their artistry? Most people do not even care who makes the film. The person behind the camera or writes the script. They are the people who make the images, the actors and the words come to life. 

One of my favourite directors and screen writers is Cameron Crowe. His style is considered idiosyncratic and hard to define, but some of the lives from his films will go down in history as iconic. 

"Show me the money." (Jerry Maguire)

"She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen." (Say Anything)

"You'll meet them all again on the long journey to the middle." (Almost Famous)

"I didn't invent the the rainy day, man. I just own the best umbrella." (Almost Famous)

"You had me at hello." (Jerry Maguire)

Crowe does have a huge list of films to his credit, but he has some great films and scripts. Quality vs quantity.

Winner of an Academy Award in 2001 for Almost Famous, the autobiographical film of the beginning of his writing career. Worth checking out and begin your journey of experiencing Cameron Crowe films. 

Also, Crowe has a deep connection with music and the soundtracks of his films become another character or narrator in the film. 

Aloha is coming out this year, but before you see this film, check out some of Crowe's repertoire. 

Top five Cameron Crowe films
  1. Almost Famous
  2. Elizabethtown
  3. Jerry Maguire
  4. Say Anything
  5. Vanilla Sky
"I was still waiting for everything to start, and now it's over."
Hollie Baylor - Elizabethtown

Every once and awhile, I will put together a short compilation of some of the most influential directors in film, called the Director's Focus. When considering a film to watch, these suggestions might help you to choose better films. 
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