What is Russelling Reviews Art House?

art film n. A film intended to be a serious artistic work, often experimental and not designed for mass appeal.

These reviews will be focused on the artistic side of the the cinematic experience. The majority of these films will be for mature audiences, but the review will have a commentary for discussion. 

If a film gets an Art House review, the underlying assumption is that it is for a mature audience. We at Russelling Reviews believe that film is an art form, but a unique one that has to take on other considerations. 

Also, that certain films are meant for more than mere entertainment. These films are usually seen in the small neighbourhood cinema and may be relegated to an artistic crowd and this opens the door for a different style of review. Welcome to the Art House Reviews. 

"I've always felt that movies are an emotional medium -- that movies are not the way to make an intellectual argument. If you want to make a political or a philosophical argument, then the ideal medium exists, and that medium is the printed word -- a movie is not a logical art form. When we watch a film, the director is essentially standing behind us and saying, "Look here," and "Look there," "Hear this," and "Hear that," and "Feel this," and "Feel the way I want you to feel." And we give up conscious control over our intelligence. We become voyeurs. We become people who are absorbed into the story, if the story is working. And it's an emotional experience." - Roger Ebert