Micro DVD review - Moms' (Mums') Night Out - 'Let your hair down' fun - 3 stars

Allyson's life seems to be spinning out of control. All she wants is one night out with her friends. As a mother of small children, she merely wants to be a grown up for a night. Dinner with friends and a conversation that does not involve disciplining or cleaning up after someone. The husbands need to step up and assist with the night, but can they handle the challenge? Throw in a tattoo parlour, a stolen van, a British cab driver and a missing baby and the night ends up going beyond their wildest expectations. 

Quality Rating: 2 stars   Family Component: 4 stars   Overall Rating: 3 stars

Sitting down on the lounge...
Christian cinema. Yes, I said it. My eye starts to twitch and cringing begins before the film starts. In the last few years, there have been attempts to improve on the quality of these films. There have even been financial successes in this cinematic category,  but success does not mean that the quality of film in this genre has improved. On family night, it came to choosing a fun, family DVD and the options were limited. Mums Night Out (Moms Night Out - US) was the DVD chosen for the night. A groan from half the family in the room (primarily from me), but what could it hurt? 

      Thank you to The Erwin Brothers. This directing team delivered a good quality film that mentions Jesus in a positive manner. A pleasant surprise and intrigue into their future films.

      Mums Night Out (Moms Night Out - US)  is a  rule-breaker for this category.  It is a modern comedy, the focus was on mothers, the music did not include any Casting Crowns or Third Day songs, only a few actors had a southern accent, it had decent actors, it actually had decent writing and did not include the token 'come to Jesus' moment or proverbial sunset prayer scene. What were these guys thinking? Thankfully they were willing to break the mould. Excluding the Passion of the Christ and the first two Narnia films, this was the first 'Christian themed' film that did not have cringe-worthy writing and acting. It was well done. 
       Curiously, it was as cutting edge as a Christian film can get. The Christian element was evident, but few people would have known God was supposed to be at the centre of this film. It incorporated suspenseful and humorous scenes, but did not incorporate foul language as a method. For the ladies, there are still the touching scenes and it would require that you have the tissues ready.  Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings) and Patricia Heaton (Everyone Loves Raymond, The Middle) added their acting skills to the mix and complemented an obviously imperfect, but entertaining film.  The movie will not win any awards, but it did improve the quality of Christian film making. Directors of future Christian films should take notes from the Erwin Brothers. Any family would be able to sit and enjoy this film together, not be embarrassed by any scene and have a laugh out loud night. 

Before we ejected the DVD...
Mums Night Out (Moms Night Out - US) broke the rules. It was fun and refreshing with touching and humorous moments. The directors were able to get better actors and the production was an improvement over most other films in this group. My hat goes off to the Erwin Brothers. Please keep pushing the edge of Christian film making.

Reel Dialogue: What are the bigger questions to consider from this film? 
1. Does the Bible have anything to say about mothers? (Proverbs 31:25-30, Ephesians 6:2)
2. What does the Bible say about worry? (Philippians 4:6-7, 1 Peter 5:7)

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