Russelling Reviews 10: Top films to see in the second half of 2014 + how did the first half do?

There have been a few winners in the beginning of 2014, but I will admit few original films. The second half of the year will present potential hits and hidden gems. Here is the Russelling Reviews 10, films to look forward to seeing in the second half of the year. 

Its placement in August could mean it is a bomb or it is a strategy to stay out of the way of other summer blockbusters. It looks like a great option to all of the sequels. 
John Carney's Once, was a musical gem and I look forward to seeing this film. 
Does it look like a teen vehicle? Yes, but based on Matthew Vaughn's directorial history it has promise. 
Can Christopher Nolan pull another classic out of his bag?  seems to be going for the career re-invention of a lifetime. Looking forward to this one. 
Is this SALT for Scarlett Johansson? Luc Besson seems to make European flavoured films, but my interest for this storyline is peaked. 
The Australian entry into this mix. It looks to be a great film, but will it have an appeal to the world or only to the hearts of Australians? Hope Russell Crowe is able to direct his way through this beloved story. 
These films are Oscar material and usually do not have mass appeal. Yet, it looks to have an interesting premise and I look forward to Jeremy Renner getting back to his dramatic roots. Will he show his acting skills seen in The Hurt Locker?
I hate the idea of splitting this into two films, but there is something to be said about this storyline. 
The cast and premise make this an interesting addition to the top 10. 
A literal dark horse in the list. I am not a huge fan of the dystopian message films, but the potential tension and action looks to be a thrill ride. 

I know many reject Woody Allen on moral grounds, which I understand. Yet as an artist, he is talented. Since Midnight in Paris, I have been become a fan again. This one had to be a last minute addition. 

Blockbusters that did not make the list: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hercules, The Giver, The Maze Runner

There is the Top 10 films for the next few month (August- December)

What do you think of the choices? What films are you looking forward to seeing in the next few months? 

First half picks: how did they do?

2. The Lego Movie Totally Awesome 
3. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Independent film record setter 
4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Mixed reviews and mediocre performance 
5. Transcendence  - Never came to life
6. Chef - Hidden jewel and worth a look! 
7. X-men: Days of Future Past - Did we need another Xmen film? 
8. Edge of Tomorrow - Live. Repeat. One of the best films of the first half 

Rankings by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews