Micro review - Tracks - A camel journey across the Australian desert that delivers a surprise package - 3 stars

Micro review: A young woman walks four camels and a dog across the Australian desert. The first response to this story line is like considering watching paint dry. So what happens upon viewing the this Australian desert adventure?

Overall Rating: 3 stars

Cinematic Value: Director John Curran (A Painted Veil) takes on a challenge that has been in the works since the 80's of this bizarre, but amazing journey across the Australian desert. The story shows Robyn Davidson () determining to walk 2700 km across the Australian desert to the Indian Ocean. She leads four camels and her faithful dog on this journey. Due to a chance meeting with a National Geographic photographer, Rick Smolan (), she gets the necessary financing, world wide recognition and an unexpected friendship. The journey is rich with psychological, physical and spiritual challenges. Also, the journey did not seem to have any purpose or plan, but in the end, Curran shows how the journey was worth every step and changes this young lady's life. 

Tracks is a beautiful film. The strength of the film is the cinematography which carries the film. There are few human characters in this film, but the film's human characters give it depth without too much clique. The uncredited antagonist and protagonist in the film is the merciless, but beautiful Australian desert. The desert gives the film a diverse backdrop for  each frame of the film. Robyn Davidson was not the most winsome central figure, but the support cast and the captivating story supports through each difficult step. The pacing is is relatively slow, but adds to the necessary tension and pulls you into the sand laden trek. It gives a realistic view of Australian culture, the country and the reward getting close with both.  

Family value: Davidson is a self-centred character, but the journey changes her attitude about life and the need for others to help with the journey. There is brief language and non-sexual nudity, but it gives the story a necessary realism. 

Micro review: Tracks is not an action film, but it is a beautifully told quest of the human experience. If you have the chance to watch this film, it will be worth your while. 

Bigger questions:
1. What does the Bible say about life's journey?  (Isaiah 55: 6-13, Matthew 11:28-30)
2. What is the priority for others in life? ( Philippians 2:3-16, John 15:12-13)

Micro review written by Russell Matthews based on a five star rating system @ Russelling Reviews #russellingreviews

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