DVD help - Planes: Harmless flyby - 2.5 stars

Cars was the weakest Pixar movie until Cars 2. For Disney to repackage this film with Planes as the vehicle does not produce high hopes. (Puns intended

The obvious money grab feeling that comes with this film makes it lack appeal. Yet, with the minimum number of family movies on the market leaves parents desperate for options. After watching the film, with a reference to Top Gun, the movie Planes is a harmless flyby.

Direction, Acting & Storyline: 2 stars

Director  builds his film on the storyline from Pixar's Cars. A world where vehicles can talk and dream and aspire to be more than life gives to them. The focus of the film is on underdog plane, Dusty Crophopper () wanting to fly in an around- the-world race.  John Cleese, Terri Hatcher and Julie Louis Dreyfus are support characters, but their voices and characters fall into the category of cliche. I did take offence at the film, because of Dreyfus as the Australian love interest? Please, get an actual Aussie actress. Koala Bear? Irritating. 

Typical story line: The Underdog, cue the villains, the rally from behind of the underdog, the absent-minded sidekick, confusing love interest and the crotchety mentor. Nothing original in the story, but nothing harmful about what is out on the screen. There are no political agendas, just a 'head in the clouds' story. There is nothing original about the story that motivates any concern for the main characters. 

Visual Effects: 2 stars
Pixar set a new standard when they came onto the movie scene, but since they only seem to produce sequels, the industry has passed this great studio by. This is not a Pixar movie, but it is built on the world they created. It is like looking at a copy of a copy of a copy. Not too much left of the original magic or nothing stands out in the visuals. 

Family Component: 4 stars
One thing that excited me about this film was it was a film all of my family could enjoy together. I can sit without any difficulty and watch this film with my youngest daughter. 
A parent my have to explain some of the difficulties of the bullying component to younger viewers. 

God Component: 2 stars
There is no references to God in this film. 

Overall Rating: 2.5 stars
This movie leaves me sitting in the middle. Not excited, but not offended. Nothing new, but I would approve this film for a younger audience and their family. 

You can wait to see this film on DVD. 

Written by Russell Matthews based on a five star rating system @ Russelling Reviews