Top 10 upcoming films (April-June) : Films RR is looking forward to inthe coming months

The school holidays are coming and seasons are changing. We move out of the quiet time of cinema and into the rapid fire months of film release. Looking into the future, these are the films that Russelling Reviews looks forward to seeing in theatres. Some will be blockbusters and others more obscure, but still made the top 10. 

Regardless of the superhero fatigue we are all feeling, this film looks to be good. Steve Rogers is the coolest of the Avenger group. I hope this film unleashes the potential of Cap.

Yes, I know it has been released in the US and is setting Box Office records, but it is soon to be released in Australia. This looks to take all Lego fans on the journey we have been playing since our first red and white block set. It looks totally awesome...

Wes Anderson has yet to break onto the general public scene, but this looks to be a whole new level of quirky fun. 

Hmmm... Not sure. Too many villains? Has Spidey run his course? We will see. 

Psychological thriller with Depp. This looks to be good. 

6. Chef
Today's adult comedies have grown tiresome. (Please let Seth Rogan go away!) The story lines seem to be reliant on fart jokes and excess language. I am hoping for a turn to Swingers level of writing and add Robert Downey Jr into the mix, a potential for cinematic fun. 

Too many X-men, how many can they cram into one film? I am willing to give Bryan Singer another chance, even though his last few films have left me wanting. Real potential for superhero fatigue. 

Looks like Source Code (RR would recommend) with major action. Whatever you think of Tom Cruise, this has the potential to be good. 

Of all the animated sequels, this is the one that I look forward to seeing. Wondering if they can top the original. 

This was my biggest risk. Australian filmed and not my normal style of film, but it looks intriguing. 

Blockbusters that did not make the list: Godzilla, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Rio 2, Tarzan, Son of God

There is the Top 10 films for the next few month. 

What do you think of the choices? What films are you looking forward to seeing in the next few months? 

Rankings by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews