Valentine's Day Help - Rom-Coms Blokes might like - Just helping relationships

The day is almost here. For many it causes universal groans, but for some it is an opportunity to impress the one you love.

Valentine's Day

As you go to choose a movie this year, think of your bloke. Taking him to a film that he would be embarrassed to watch with you next to him or to a film that you would normally only take your girlfriends to see is not a good choice. Many men sacrifice their masculinity for this evening of cinematic entertainment, because he supposed loves his woman. It does not have to be that way. This Valentine's Day ladies, you need to decide, do you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Dating tip: Please do not pull out The Notebook, a Jane Austin inspired film (Psstt... she never got married!) or Love Actually and think that your boyfriend will honestly enjoy the evening. You both can enjoy the evening. 

So enters the infamous Rom-Com consideration. Rom-Coms tend to be more Rom than Com. Or lately, the supposed rom-com is written for the overly sexed up Gen Yers who do not know what real romance means. 

How about finding a film that meets couples in the middle? Romance + Comedy = Good Valentine's Day

Here is a short list of films you can both enjoy. A list that will make any couple happy and you can enjoy Valentine's Day. The list is not in any real order, just a list for consideration. 

Due to the Valentine's Day theme, many of these films are for mature audiences. 

1. Hitch 
2. As Good As It Gets
3. Silver Linings Playbook
4. Sweet Home Alabama
5. Groundhog Day (I know, Rom-Com? Get over it, it made the list)
6. When Harry Met Sally (Classic)
7. Roxanne (The lines are brilliant, even though film is a bit dated)
8. Notting Hill (Some blokes might groan, but it is good - My only Julia Roberts nod)
9. Kate & Leopold (Rarely seen, but good stuff)
10. Midnight in Paris (Surprise to make the list, but it is good)

Enjoy Valentine's Day, thank me later.

Do you have a film you would like to add? 
Go for it, send me you recommendations or get your own blog. 

Recommendations by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews