Bored of the Super Bowl, but want to watch Football... (Or an Ex-Pat's view on grid iron films) Top 10 Films with American Football as the theme

I have not lived in the USA for eight years, but the Super Bowl still grabs the world's attention. I enjoy other codes of football now, but I still enjoy a good film about football. 

Some Super Bowls are great games and others are one sided. If it is a slow game day, here is a list of some great football movies to help make the night a success. 

Top 6

1. Remembering the Titans
2. Jerry McGuire
3. The Blind Side 
4. Rudy
5. Any Given Sunday
6. Friday Night Lights 
(Prefer the TV show, but I like Peter Berg as a director) 

Best Coach : Denzel Washington - Coach Herman Boone 
Best Quarterback : Scott Bakula - Necessary Roughness
Best Team : Notre Dame - Rudy

This should open up some conversation.  Which football film was your favourite film? 

Rankings by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews