2 Guns - Simple and to the point review... 2 Bad: No stars

2 Guns - 2 BAD - Rating No stars

Come on Denzel, Wahlberg, Buddy cop film. 

What could go wrong?

If you have read my other reviews, you will hopefully appreciate what I am about to do for you. 

No need for analysis, no need to go through the writing, acting and content. There was no story of value, what were these two actors thinking (except making money) and the content was ridiculous. 

Avoid this film, do not waste your money or time on it. I thought it would be worth it to see a good old buddy cop film. 

2 BAD... 

... I did not take this same advice and not taken the time to see this silly film. Give it a miss. 

Review by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews