The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - 4 stars

Storyline: 4 stars

This film is a different venture for Ben Stiller. It is an enjoyable film about living life and pursuing dreams. Even dreams that one did not realise they have.

Walter Mitty sees the world through one of the worlds leading photographers and his imagination. 
Until he is pressed to find the last photograph for the cover of Life magazine, he is thrust into a journey that helps him to begin to live beyond his imagination.

Films of this sort move the viewer to suspension of disbelief within the time continuum, but this does not diminish the story telling. For anyone who dreams of more in life, it is a motivating story of achieving more with the life we have been given. Especially for those who that live in the virtual and social network world. This shows the value of living in the real world. 

Even though it is disjointed the story line is enjoyable and keeps the viewer engaged. 

Visual Effects: 5 stars

As the backdrop of LIFE magazine's closure. It is a visually captivating film that maximises the views from around the world. 

Family recommendation: 4.5 stars

This is a film with adult themes, but is refreshingly welcoming for younger viewers. 

God component: 2 stars

Even though Walter deals with the visualisation of God's creation and the gift of life, the film has a humanistic worldview.

Overall rating: 4 stars

I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

All reviews written by Russell W Matthews @ Russelling Reviews