Review Style

Structure for reviews

You can read from my profile that I will come from a Christian perspective, but with a love for the medium of film. 

My philosophy of film will come later, but will be seen over time with the upcoming reviews. 

Here is the style for each review: 5 star rating

This is the traditional rating system of 1 star=poor and 5 stars=excellent

I will give a rating for key components  of the film: Storyline, Visual Effects, Direction, Acting, Family component and God component. I will conclude with an Overall rating of the film.

The sections ratings will include comments to assist with understanding the rating system. 

Storyline, Visual Effects, Direction and Acting are pretty straight forward in what will be reviewed.

Family component: As a husband and parent of four, I will give a perspective on the appropriateness for families and things to be aware of in the film. This would include: Language, Violence, Sexual content and other areas for consideration in taking your family to the cinema. I will put forward facts about the film and then allow the reader to discern if they want to view the film.

God component: As a Christian, I will evaluate any components that would open a dialogue with others about God, Jesus and the Bible. Also, anything that might be labelled as inaccurate from the Christian worldview. 

Hope you enjoy the reviews and if there are films you would like me to review, please write me. 

Russell Matthews