DVD fun- best of series - explanation - Mission : Impossible

People like to ask the question, 'What is your favourite film?' Which is an impossible question, when you think of genre, director, actors, etc.

I get it most people are asking for an idea of what to pick up to watch tonight on iTunes or on DVD.

What I thought would be more a productive line of thought, series rankings. 

There have been some great and some poor series throughout film history. Why not put it out there what was the best film within a series? Or rank the films by preference and quality.

This is not a review of the series, just a ranking of the films in the series. I will rank the series on quality of film and preference. 

Ranking Example: 
Mission: Impossible
1. Mission Impossible II (John Woo factor)
2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal (Brad Bird Factor)
3. Mission: Impossible 
4. Mission Impossible III (Just putting it out there, I do not like JJ Abrams) 

Hope this helps... Enjoy your series this week! 

Write me if you agree or disagree

Rankings by Russell W Matthews @ Russelling Reviews


  1. Mine would be: 4, 3, 1, 2

    John Woo said that he wanted to remake Notorious (Grant/Bergman). I can forgive the Woo-Action but I can't forgive the casting and dialogue.

  2. Fascinating Jeremy, I will need to watch Notorious again.


    Not sure I understand the issue with casting, but I do agree with the lack of script.


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