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During the holidays, there is nothing like rediscovering a film franchise, especially when you get to introduce it to someone. Our youngest has not seen the films based on Jason Bourne. It has been an adventure to revisit this series. In the process, it allowed for us to revisit the rankings of these films. What are the best of Bourne? 

Critical commentary: This is one of the rare instances where the films exceed the books that inspired them. Robert Ludlum books are a bit dated, but they did provide an excellent premise for the series. 

Speaking to this franchise: It can be said that the original film trilogy went from strength to strength and proved to be some of the best action films historically.
Interesting facts about the franchise
During The Bourne Identity, director Doug Liman utilised real Marines. Most of the US Marines in the Zurich consulate were real Marine Security Guards assigned to embassies in Europe. This idea was at the request of producer Frank Marshall. They used their uniforms, worked with the director on dialogue, and developed the tactics they would employ if they were asked to clear the embassy.
It feels so real: To give The Bourne Supremacy its gritty, documentary-style appearance, director Paul Greengrass used mostly handheld cameras, and a muted colour palette. He also made sure to avoid computer graphics at all costs and all of the stunts shown in the movie were achieved practically.
The series has Academy Awards to its credit: The Bourne Ultimatum won three Academy Awards  
RRs Rankings of the Bourne franchise: 
1. The Bourne Ultimatum
2. The Bourne Supremacy
3. The Bourne Identity
5. The Bourne Legacy
The original trilogy was worth coming back to view. 
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Reviews written by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews