DVD fun - best of series - Bourne Series

Interesting fact about the films

In The Bourne Identity, most of the US Marines in the Zurich consulate were actually real Marine Security Guards assigned to embassies in Europe. This was at the request of producer Frank Marshall. They used their own uniforms, worked with the director on dialogue (which was of course eventually cut), and developed the tactics they would actually employ if they were asked to clear the embassy.

Personal note: this is one of the rare instances where I will admit that the movies exceed the books. The books are dated and good source material, but this series went from strength to strength in the original trilogy.

You need to watch the series in the proper succession, but the films get better. Here is my preferred quality list of the series. 

1. The Bourne Ultimatium

2. The Bourne Suprmacy

3. The Bourne Identity

4. The Bourne Legacy ( Sorry, Jeremy, this was not your best day)

The original trilogy was worth coming back to view. Enjoy and send me your thoughts.

Reviews written by Russell W Matthews @ Russelling Reviews