Russelling Reviews Kid's Korner - Analysis from a kid's perspective

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."  -Alice In Wonderland

Growing up in the Matthews family, our entertainment experience was based on seeing films.  

We loved the short trip into the city to watch movies on the big screen at the Riviera or the River Hills in Des Moines. It was an amazing experience for a child. Popcorn, the lights dim and we were allowed to escape to other worlds for two hours. 

On the way home from seeing the film, Mum would always turn around in the Buick. She would ask the question, 'What did you think of the film?" Please know that it was never acceptable for us to give one word answers. If we did grunt an answer, the inevitable  question would come next, 'Why?'

Why did you like it or not like it?

We had to give reasons and thought to our answers. As young boys and teens the time in the car went unappreciated, but looking back on it as an adult, our parents gave us a gift. They started us on a journey of loving and analysing film. 

Fast forward to now, the tradition goes on in our car coming back from the cinema. Our kids have come to expect the question, but many times they are already analysing the film before the car ride begins. Some of their insights and analysis have been the catalyst for many reviews on this site. The thought was to develop Kid's Korner. 

Kid's Korner - These reviews will be shorter and designed on the conversations with our children. Whet did they think of the film? Simple, but meaningful. 

Many children's films do not need deep analysis. Also, most parents do not want to read about the symbolic significance of the visuals. They want to know if it is okay for their kids to see the film. 

These reviews will be short and concise. They will have comments from the kids and Kid's Korner rating. Hope you enjoy some of our Kid's Korner reviews. 

Kid's Korner is a segment written or edited by Russell Matthews @ Russelling Reviews